Resin Bound - Barnet

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As the word "Bound" suggests: This system bounds 2 materials together. It uses a clear resin binder which is mixed with decorative stone and is then trowelled onto a prepared base. The ideal sub base would be made up of well compacted Type 1 or so called road stone and a layer of permeable base macadam (wearing course Tarmac). 


The cured surface is suitable for foot and vehicle traffic and is ideal for:


- pavements

- paths

- driveways

- car parking bays

- museums

- heritage sites

- amusements and attractions


Private and public housing area's laid with Enviro-Bound can be complemented with Enviro-Bonded surfacing and the Enviro-Tree Pit System using the same or contrasting colour/effect aggregates.




- natural aggregate

- attractive appearance

- complements surrounding area

- UV stable

- non yellowing resin

- recycled aggregates available

- an alternative to conventional paving

- highly permeable

- slip resistant surface

- dressing increases safety

- 10 Year Guarantee given for our quality products and



For surfaces installed below 20 C. we advise to let the resin cure for approximately 24 hours before it can be used by site traffic and general pedestrian traffic and cars can be parked again after approx. 48 hours.