Until recently, planning regulations have encouraged channeling rainwater into underground pipes to a suitable stream, lake or river.


This takes it away from the surrounding land and further reduces partially emptied aquifers. But land which has not been developed allows rainwater to find its own path, soaking into the ground, being filtered as it travels, eventually joining other groundwater at the water table. This recharges the aquifers, the permeable rock, sand or gravel where water is cleaned and stored.


SUDS applications such as Enviro-Resin Bound Surfacing and the Enviro-Tree Pit System seek to use man made surfacing to mimic what nature would otherwise have been doing. By laying the highly permeable Enviro-Resin Bound Surfacing onto a base which is itself permeable, allows rainwater to travel into the ground, to be filtered as it passes, and to naturally maintain natural water levels and reserves.


Local authority planning regulations now require hard paving and landscaping to conform to the SUDS requirements. Enviro-Resin Bound Surfacing laid onto a permeable base will satisfy these requirements.


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